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The international energy markets are highly integrated into economic and political frame conditions and reacting on technological improvements and options. Therefore the development and implementation of innovative energy technologies in conversion, transport or transmission and distribution to consumers and end users has to sustain against sensitive and complex requirements. The project proponent usually concentrates on general project implementation and is frequently not able to cover all necessary thematic areas with recommended analyses depth. Unevaluated risks may result as consequence, which can be avoided by timely definition of open questions and adapted risk investigation and counter actions.
NIMBUS Institute provides scientific expertise not only in nuclear energy.

Topics of interest cover as well:

  • General risk analyses of energy investment projects.
  • Energy technology specific project risk assessment and documentation.
  • Definition of critical implementation path conditions and requirements.
  • Adaptation of project parameters to industrial or governmental standards and regulations, project harmonization.
  • Special requirements for international projects within/outside of the EU.
  • Technological optimization process development and QA.
  • Change management of energy systems and energy markets.
  • Non-technical factors relevant for energy technology development.
  • Interdependences between different energy solutions, interference effects.
  • Economical effects of energy efficiency advancements

Special topics include:
  • EU energy future, EU fossil fuel supply.
  • Climate change and nuclear energy options.
  • Integration of Renewable energy solutions.
  • Energy contracting models.
  • Development support to complex energy projects.
  • Interface support between industries, government(s) and administration.
  • Public perception management.
  • Implementation of radiation protection concepts