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Nuclear Safety

... our central focus.


NIMBUS offers contributions in the following areas:
  • Structured interaction between independent regulator, operator and technology user
  • Continuous or case oriented on site monitoring of risk loaded processes
  • Evaluation institutional adjustment requirements and support in decision making: Based on early and reasonably realigned divergent needs to regain efficiency, identification of safety issues, related to installations or facility management aiming at cost effective implementation using new and proven technology options in optimizing performance.
  • Case dependent or stand by state of the art evaluation of technical measures for monitoring of safety relevant operational procedures.
  • QA of service and inspection programs, its revision, implementation and approval.
  • Identification and determination of high level safety culture requirements for professionals in facility operation, service and maintenance, suitably minimizing human errors in applied procedures.
  • Competent and comprehensive documentation, reporting, analyses and re-evaluation of procedures and implemented measures as well as efficiency investigation according to existing safety strategies.
  • Development of experience based convolutes and harmonized rules for internal use.
  • Development and streamlining of procedures and measures according to relevant rules and regulations, standards and guidelines for official use.
  • Review procedures implementation on different levels of management and operation level including.
  • Advice from NIMBUS IAC with consultations and audits by international experts and international institutions if required.
The NIMBUS Institute's nuclear expert team has special experiences in Siemens KWU PWR, BL-69 up to more recent vintages and WWER-type (different generations) and RBMK-type technologies as well, - in addition to reliable generic technological know-how. Beyond the commercial nuclear reactors also research reactors and the nuclear fuel chain including waste disposal is part of NIMBUS work.