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Safety and Security and minimization of risks are for all industries central obligations within modern societies. The challenges to responsibility in technology applications and interfaces to the environment and society raise complex questions and demanding reliable, balanced and well acceptable answers. Only then technologies can acquire and sustain their market by gaining public acceptance and political backing. Agreed requirements, obligations and acceptance criteria must be communicated at different levels.

NIMBUS' main focal points are:


The NIMBUS Institute acts very much like a Technical Support Organization (TSO), with simultaneous linkage to the societal and socioeconomic background of technological applications, enabling NIMBUS to bridge gaps between developer and applicant, operator and regulator, investor and the society and the public. Here NIMBUS acts supported by an international framework in the triangle of scientific community, industries and official decision makers respecting the public acceptance requirements.

The NIMBUS Institute's scientific services provide on request highly qualified contributions in addition to its own basic research program. Our work focus comprises assessment of nuclear installations observing safety and security guidelines, support of operators and regulators of adaptation, improvement and implementation of state of the art rules and regulations, support for management strategies and quality assurance for safety and security relevant operational procedures, documentation and evaluation of critical processes and measures for operation and production safety, cost and efficiency improvement, process chain optimization, harmonization of processes, guides' and standards' implementation, support and development of competent and coherent public information and communication concepts and related topics.